Attributor is a plugin to AutoCAD that adds the capability of configuring and using drop-down lists on AutoCAD block attribute tags. Using simple text files, you can configure drop-down lists (aka lookup lists) on specific block attributes (tags) and configure/flag certain tags as mandatory/required entries. This provides an enhanced user experience while also ensuring accurate data entry. By using the Attributor OSBLOCKINSERT command instead of the AutoCAD INSERT command, the same attributed blocks are presented in a familiar but enhanced user interface (dialog box). But Attributor enables the addition of drop-down lists on the block attribute tags with list values provided as configured through the two simple text files.

Users can quickly and easily choose the desired value from a context-specific list for attribute tag values. This ensures accurate data entry and speeds up data capture. Options are provided for users to toggle the display of the tag and/or prompt descriptions, and for the attribute values, to toggle code and/or descriptions display. Attribute supports insert and edit functions on standard (not dynamic) blocks with attributes through the two commands provided - OSBLOCKINSERT and OSATTEDIT. The standard AutoCAD block functionality and properties such as location, layer, visibility and default values are used by Attributor the same as in AutoCAD. Users can use the Attributor functions OSBLOCKINSERT and OSATTEDIT commands on the same blocks that the AutoCAD INSERT or ATTEDIT can be used on. When using the blocks with INSERT and ATTEDIT however no drop-down lists will appear.


Attributor for BricsCAD is available for downloaded from Open Spatial's website for registered account holders. 


Attributor is a small part of the As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) solution from Open Spatial. While Attributor provides an easy and consistent way to capture predefined values on attributed blocks, this functionality when configured with a matching ACDC project enables CAD drawings and the included data to be automatically checked/validated against a predefined set of data standards and output as GIS ready data. Open Spatial has developed "Attributor Sets" based on various data standards including a University Infrastructure Data Model which is based on National CAD Standard based layer standards. Attributor Sets typically include predefined attributed blocks with associated domain values, layers, and menu's and encompass both CAD layer standards and GIS data schema definitions.

ACDC provides both cloud and desktop self-validation capabilities of DWG drawings against industry or custom data standards. ACDC validates entities on layers, attributes of blocks, spatial checks such as whether a feature that requires attributes, has an attributed block and whether polygon layers are captured as close polylines and more. During validation entity properties and attributes are not only checked but can be written into configured object data tables which can then be outputted to GIS and CMMS databases as well as other GIS formats (shapefile etc.), subject however to the license type. ACDC provides the applications and user interface for you to configure and maintain the entire process. The ACDC solution provides both desktop and portal-based validation tools enabling in-house and contractor/project-based validation and interactions. ACDC greatly improves efficiency and enables automated comprehensive data checking and structuring of CAD and attribute data before loading into GIS and/or CMMS systems. The ACDC solution supports custom CAD, Attribute and GIS standards.

Open Spatial

Open Spatial provides an off the shelf ACDC portal validation set, Attributor Set and project toolkit that includes:

Open Spatial has been in the business for over 20 years and Attributor and ACDC are part of the Open Spatial Geospatial suite. Open Spatial provides geospatial engineering solutions for managing spatial data from survey through design, construction and data management. Our technologies are based on risk-averse, ubiquitous platforms that bridge the gap between CAD, GIS, BIM and asset management applications. Utilizing open standards and engineering best practices, we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions with a focus on productivity improvements, definable return on investment and long-term savings. A list of products that form part of Open Spatial's comprehensive GIS and Asset Management Solution consists of: